Dear church,

The apostle Paul gave a lot of instructions in this passage about how to live in the church. This is how church members are to behave as they worship and pray and share the gospel together. We’re not likely to find these things listed out in a church’s bylaws, but perhaps we should.

Below is a partial list of things to do. See if you can keep up!

Have the same mind. Have the same love. Be in full accord (live in harmony). Be of one mind. Don’t live out of selfish ambition. Don’t be conceited. Be humble. Count others as more important than yourself. Don’t look only to your own interests. Look to the interests of others. Have the mind of Christ, who is humble and self-emptying. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling (humbly?). Don’t grumble. Don’t dispute. Hold fast to the word of life. Be glad. Rejoice.

That’s not a bad list. Pay attention to that list and some of the central themes in those commands. Which of these do you need more of in your life?


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