Dear church,

We know we’re not worthy. At least we should, as Christians, know this. We are saved by grace alone. By ourselves, we are not worthy of the kingdom of God. It’s not something we’ve earned. We don’t really belong there.

Sin is the problem. And until that sin is dealt with, heaven is not a place for us.

In Christ, our sin has been dealt with.

And Paul was praying for the believers in Thessalonica, that God would make them “worthy of his calling.” The believers there were being faithful even in the midst of persecution. They were suffering, Paul noted. But they were suffering well. Their love for one another was growing and, otherwise, they simply were remaining steadfast in the faith.

Surely, steadfast faith in the midst of suffering is what makes a person worthy. But even in this, it is only God who makes a person worthy, Paul wrote.

God makes a person worthy, it seems, by filling up their steadfast faith with his glory – the Lord Jesus glorified in the Thessalonians, and they in him (1:12). We believe, and Jesus fills up our lives.

It’s pretty simple, really – at least in concept. We just believe. We trust. No matter what. God does the rest. May we do this today!


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