Dear church,

There is something good about work. Some people may disagree. Work can be dull and tiresome. But I am of a mind that God created us to work.

God created Adam and immediately gave him a job in the garden of Eden. There was work to be done.

Work can be fulfilling and creative. It stimulates our minds and bodies. When we are done working – God willing – we will have something to show for it.

On the flip side, to stop working when we still are able to work – to work at something – can lead to problems. Idleness is never a good thing. Rest is good, but idleness is not.

The circumstances in Thessalonica aren’t exactly clear. We’re not quite sure who the idle ones were or why they were idle. They could have been expecting the return of Jesus and so had quit on the world. Or they may have been greedy pastors or teachers or spiritual gurus who were taking advantage of the church. There are other options, too.

But Paul urged the members of the church – the brothers and sisters – to “work quietly and to earn their own living.”

To work quietly means what it says. We work without a show. We work simply to reap the benefit of our working, to put food on our own tables and to support our families. We don’t demand things from others. Instead, we are happy to help them out, and we are accepting of their help for us.

Work is good. It is a blessing to us, and it enables us to bless others. A Christian doesn’t fall into idleness. We strive to produce something with our hands – to support ourselves at the very least.

What are you working on today?


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