Dear church,

Paul urged Titus to teach “sound doctrine.” This sound doctrine sounds like a lot of rules – for older men, older women, younger women, younger men, and bondservants. There is quite a bit for them to live up to.

And then Paul gives them the reason to do this. “For the grace of God has appeared …”

This is why we are sober-minded, dignified, reverent, teaching what is good, self-controlled, submissive, and showing good faith. We do this because the “grace of God” has appeared.

We have been saved by the grace of God in Jesus Christ. His death on the cross atones for our sins. And this is why we live “sound doctrine.”

Really, this is a household code for the children of God as they live in the meantime – the time between the first and second comings of Christ. “For the grace of God has appeared” – that is the first coming. Meanwhile, “our blessed hope, the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ” – this sure sounds like his second coming.

Sound doctrine is lived doctrine. And we live this doctrine because we’ve been given the grace of God through Jesus Christ. And we live this doctrine until the return of Christ.

Our church talked tonight about communal sin. This is the sin the church has engaged in over the years. If we don’t talk about such things from time to time, there can be no true repentance and very little healing.

Whenever sin is brought to the table, we have an opportunity to live “sound doctrine.” I pray we are able to do this.


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