Dear church,

I wondered why John wept. How did he know enough about what was going on in that moment to be concerned about the destiny of that scroll in the right hand of God?

But we can think about it some more. John was in the throne room of heaven, looking up at God. It was an unbelievable sight. And in God’s hand was a scroll. This was the King of kings, holding some kind of document in his hand. It was sealed up. And not just anyone could read it.

This must have been a divine proclamation. The work of God and the command of God was written on that scroll in God’s right hand. And if it was the work of God, it was going to be a good work for the world and especially for the people of God. God’s divine decrees favored his chosen people.

And so John wept. If the scroll couldn’t be opened, the good things in it could not come to pass.

And John could not open the scroll. He was not worthy. As hard as it is for our world to believe, humans are never worthy.

Except one.

John’s passion for the opening of that scroll should give us pause. He knew all about it. I suppose he had read Daniel 12, and it was in his mind in that moment. This was the “time of the end.” But would God’s plan be carried out? Who could carry it out?

How strong is our passion for the will of God – and for Jesus’ return?


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