Dear church,

This chapter takes a momentary break from the description of the opening of the seven seals. Here, we are between seals six and seven. We get a little breather in the midst of cataclysmic events.

Here, we see people – people saved by God. Some are described as “sealed,” and others are “washed.” Scholars are divided on exactly who all these people are. Clearly God has a plan for his people Israel. And clearly the kingdom of God is broad, drawing people from “all tribes and peoples and languages.”

“And he who sits on the throne will shelter them with his presence.”

I was interested in the way those in the “great multitude” were holding palm branches. This is a sign of victory. Palm Sunday is about victory. This is a kind of Palm Sunday, too. Instead of Jesus riding by on a donkey, the people were flocking to him.

This chapter is about victory. It is about the victory that those who put their faith in Christ, those who are sealed by God, have even in this moment. We are brought through difficulty in to victory.

People have died for the faith. They have experienced tribulation. Believers in some parts of the world are living in tribulation even now. But they are victors.

“Salvation belongs to our God.”

Victory comes with patient endurance (Rev. 2-3). Victory is a great relief when it is fully realized. Victory in Christ never ends.


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