Dear church,

Sometimes we try to linger. We put our hands to the plow, but then we look back (Luke 9:62). God is in the process of delivering us out of the judgment he has planned for this world, and we are too wedded to its sinful pursuits to come along.

And God takes us by the hand and pulls, seeming at sometimes to drag us along out of the city gates. “Don’t look back,” he says. And we learn about God’s righteous judgment.

Lot ended up living in a cave, his body ransacked by his two daughters. He was a man of good intentions. At times, even, he was bold and brave. But he was foolish and prone to fear. In the end, hiding in his cave, he gave up. 

Saved by God and frustrated by others and ourselves, and fearful of what might happen next, we might end up living in our own personal caves, away from the world. 

We read about civil unrest and stolen elections and race wars and impeachment and censorship, and we look toward our caves. We determine once for all not to look back at the world. God was right. Head to the hills.

And we find a cave. This surely is not what God intended. We make little arks for ourselves, protected from God’s judgment and from people who are not safe. We hide ourselves in our work or in our families or in our hobbies. We are driven by fear. 

And we are lingering once again. We know God’s judgment is real. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 9:10). But we fear other things, too. And we are not perfected in love (1 John 4:18). 

Are you in a cave today?


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