Dear church,

God will not leave you alone until you understand the fullness of his holiness – and everything about yourself. He will not be satisfied if you come to him saying only, “Yes, God, I have discovered I need to clean up a few areas of my life. Thank you for pointing that out.” The fact of the matter is we would be completely unqualified even to speak God’s name but for his grace. 

The budding of Aaron’s staff reminded the people of Israel they needed a high priest to intercede for them. And the high priest was of God’s choosing. No one could presume to take that role on himself because all were unholy. The high priest was the only way an unholy people could approach a holy God. 

The people needed to understand this yet again. Only one man could stand in for them in God’s presence.  

Our understanding of Jesus is an understanding of God’s holiness and our need for a High Priest to speak to God on our behalf. We cannot go there on our own. To try would be to “perish.”

We recognize this most clearly by comparison. The difference between holy and unholy is stark and somewhat mysterious. But we can feel it. A budding staff is obvious next to a collection of dead walking sticks. The trembling vision of the throne room of God is enough to strike conviction in a prophet (Isaiah 6:5). An unexpected catch of fish left a disciple on his knees (Luke 5:8). Our Helper is ever teaching us about these things (John 16:8).

Some day, every human being will understand all these things about God and themselves. All pretenses will be gone. The outer show of respectability will disappear, and we will know who we are and who He is. Every knee will bow “in heaven and on earth and under the earth” (Philippians 2:10).

What do you know about God and yourself today?


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