Dear church,

Be on the lookout for those whose faith stands out among the rest. These are people who don’t need to see the work of God with their own eyes to know God is capable of fulfilling every promise he makes (John 20:29). They believe what God says even when the smartest and most accomplished among us start running the numbers and telling them they ought to stop (Matthew 18:3).

This is the kind of faith that is willing to give up the things of this world – “stuff” – in order to give honor to Jesus Christ. We are to remember those who exhibit this kind of faith (Matthew 26:13). These are those from whom we can learn.

And we may find them in the most unusual of places – like the daughters of Zelophehad. Their father was a man who, most likely, believed the 10 weak-willed and faithless spies. His body was among those that littered the wilderness. His daughters, however, walked their own path. They believed in God’s promises even before those promises came to be. They knew the land would fall into the hands of the Israelites. They were so certain that they wanted to be prepared, and they took their cause before Moses and Eleazar.

And so they were remembered. Their names were written down. 

Search out and get to know people with this kind of faith. Ask them questions. Learn their habits. These are the people who know the truth behind the promises. “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1).


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