Dear church,

Some things belong to God and not to us. They’ve not been given to us, and so, in a sense, we are left in the dark to wonder. Are you comfortable enough in your faith in God to wonder – without becoming overly concerned about what you don’t know?

“The secret things belong to the Lord our God.” A Christian must be content with knowing there are some things he or she will not know about God and his ways – and perhaps even about his plan for creation and redemption. That is likely what Moses is referring to in this verse. God’s people would be in the dark for some time, until a great light shone in Jesus Christ, the Son of God (Isaiah 9:2).

The main point for Christians is not to dwell on the things we don’t know. Rather, the point is to lean into the things that have been revealed to us – namely, the gospel of Jesus Christ. “But the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever.” And these things that are revealed are enough to save a person’s soul.

It is good to have questions, and it is good to seek answers to those questions, so long as we are doing so with open minds and hearts. But we must not forget the undeniable truth that God has shown us grace in the face of our sins through Jesus. God, out of his goodness, is bringing us into a new Promised Land and a new Sabbath rest. 

The angels must be paying attention as God reveals his plan for humanity bit by bit (1 Peter 1:12). The best thing we can do is focus our attention on the revelation of God, rather than the secret things that aren’t yet ours to know. 

This is a call for us to study the Bible well. 


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