Dear church,

“Israel passed over this Jordan on dry ground.” – Joshua 4:22

The biggest mistake a Christian parent ever will make is in not proclaiming the gospel to his or her children. If we are “to seek and to save the lost” as Jesus did, surely this includes seeking and saving our children. A Christian parent may object and say he wants to let his children find their own way into the faith. This is wrong. We are to proclaim the gospel to our children.

A pile of twelve stones stood at the bank of the Jordan River. Anyone could see them, and certainly the children could. The stones were a wordless testimony to the work of the Lord in the life of the family of God. But the stones weren’t to remain wordless. The parents were to provide the words – “Israel passed over this Jordan on dry ground.” This is proclamation. We are to tell people about the work of God in our lives. We especially must tell our children. 

Millions of children are raised in Christian homes but do not remain in the faith as adults. We may say this failure falls at the feet of poor church youth programming. But parents are more influential to their children than any youth pastor could be. Yes, the Spirit of God blows where it wishes, but are we wishing and praying it blows toward our children (John 3:8; 15:7)?

Lovingly tell your children about the work of the Lord, both in your life and in the world. Tell them once. And then tell them again. And again. You’ll get better at it each time. 


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