Dear church, 

“There has been no day like it before or since, when the Lord heeded the voice of a man, for the Lord fought for Israel.” – Joshua 10:14

One of the first things any disciple of Jesus Christ should do is to learn to pray. Have you learned to do this yet? Our motivation comes when we understand God is a Person. He is a divine Person, a heavenly Person, a Person with no limits – but he is a Person nonetheless. And he wants us to address him as we normally address other persons. He wants us to talk to him.

We would like to say God always grants our wishes and the sun stands still every time we desire it to do so. But, again, God is a Person. And as such, he responds as any rational person would. He knows what’s best for you and for his other children – and the rest of his creation – and he acts accordingly. But this doesn’t mean he doesn’t listen to our heartfelt desires.

And so we must pray to God for an answer. We pour out our hearts to him. And we recognize he may “heed” the voice of his lowly children and act on our behalf. 

Begin by praying with a close eye on God’s will. God is a Person of eternal things, and so these are the things he cares about the most – as evidenced by Jesus’ death on the cross. So pray about eternal things first. The salvation of a soul is a good place to start. After your pray, watch.


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