Dear church, 

“There remains yet very much land to possess.” – Joshua 13:1

If you are breathing, you still have some things in your life with Christ that you’ve left undone. You aren’t perfect yet. Surprise, surprise! You might be harboring some seed of bitterness toward a person in your life. You might be engaging in a secret sin, known only to you. You might be living with covetousness or worry consuming your thoughts day to day.

We ought not to forget we’ve already received the “inheritance,” just like the Israelites had when Joshua grew old. A Christian’s inheritance is not a piece of land. We have been born again “to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading” (1 Peter 1:4). You already have the inheritance. Eternal life is yours.

But pockets of resistance remain. God will clean these areas up for us, but we still must be obedient to his call on our lives each day. We must listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and the clear word of the Bible. A life of obedience doesn’t end when we are born again. Rather, it begins. 

Think about the work that remains undone in your life with Christ. You know this territory better than anyone else. What would God have you do about it today?


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