Dear church,

“… choose this day whom you will serve.” – Joshua 24:15

Pastors in some churches likely would get driven from their pulpits if they preached a message like Joshua’s. They might say something like this, to the twitching ears of the congregation: “You can serve a watered down Jesus and preach a watered down gospel, but I will not! You can call unholy things holy, but I will not! You can question the historicity of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, but I will not! Choose some other god to serve!”

Sermons like this would not be popular. But they must be like water to a thirsty person for you – if you are a true disciple of Jesus. We should not only accept the commitment to follow Jesus Christ, but we also should yearn to see others do the same. And we should demand to hear our leaders calling for more of this in the face of cultural disapproval. 

Churches have too many softies in the pulpit, and committed disciples in the pews are not demanding they wake up, or grow up, and preach the gospel Jesus preached. Joshua demanded people repent and follow God. Jesus – the ultimate Joshua – did nothing different (Mark 1:15).

Commit yourself to serving Christ. It is never OK to be hateful, but it is certainly OK to be bold – especially with those who call themselves Christians. Encourage one another (Hebrews 10:24-25).


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