Dear church,

Today, we are starting our reading of Luke’s Gospel – one chapter per day for the next 24 days. Read slowly and intentionally, letting the Holy Spirit guide your thoughts as you go.

I am going to take a break from blogging every day. Breaks are good! I’m going to take some unhurried time of my own with God as I read Luke, without the pressure of trying to churn out a blog post or two.

But I will blog occasionally during this Bible-reading plan. If nothing else, I will post something each Sunday. There may be posts on other days, as well. So subscribe to this blog in order to be notified about those posts and the other random ones I may publish.

My goal in writing is to help in your walk of discipleship. I’ve found in every chapter of Scripture, even in the strangest and most remote of passages, we can find instruction for our lives. How can we be more like Jesus? The Bible tells us over and over again just how to do this. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can live it out.

So please keep reading! I love you all.


One thought on “Reading Luke

  1. I’ll miss the blogs but I’ve been amazed that you have posted daily for over 6 months. That’s slot of work!


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