Dear church,

“But at your word I will let down the nets.” – Luke 5:5

When you know Jesus has given you a command, the only thing you are responsible for is the obedience to that command. You aren’t responsible for knowing why the command was given. This can be hard for us. So often, we want to understand why a command was given – and where it might take us – before we obey. But this is not what parents accept from their children, nor is it what Jesus accepts from his disciples. 

Obey Christ the minute you hear him speak. It doesn’t matter what you know, even though you might be exceptionally skilled in some area where Jesus is speaking in your life. Peter knew fishing, but Jesus created the fish. Peter can be commended for putting aside his own knowledge and following the mysterious leading of God.

What is holding you back from following Jesus with this kind of simple intensity? Is it because you want to know all about the command before you will obey it? Are you waiting for the command to match your modern sensibilities before you will go?

Your mission today is to obey Christ’s voice, no matter how strange it may sound. Among the things you don’t know is where he might take you if you followed him as simply and purely as those first fishermen.


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