Dear church,

“Then they shall take him into the city and give him a place.” – Joshua 20:4

God is just. But God does not take rash, unthinking, violent actions in the administration of his justice. His people are not to do this either. And so those who found themselves in desperate trouble could run to a city of refuge. In those towns, protection could be found – at least until the truth could be brought to the surface. These towns provided space for the search for true justice, all the while recognizing the priceless value of human life.

A disciple of Jesus Christ strives never to act in unthinking vengeance. Nor is a disciple to ignore the truth of a matter when it has finally come to light. Rather, we are to seek truth and act with thoughtful intention, recognizing the ramifications of what we do from moment to moment. 

In your day today, you will be tempted to move faster in making decisions than perhaps you ought. The challenge is to make space in your day, and in your life, to seek out the will of God. Try to take control of your time and your emotions. Unless true emergencies arise, don’t let people or circumstances take your eyes of being a disciple who is both merciful and just.

Mature Christians measure their words and their actions in light of the character and ways of God. And we rarely find God to be in a hurry.


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