Dear church,

“The cities of the Levites in the midst of the possession of the people of Israel were in all forty-eight cities with their pasturelands.” – Joshua 21:41

How far do you have to go to find someone who will point you to God? A person did not have to go far in the land of Israel to find a city of the Levites. They were scattered across the land. These cities belonged to those who belonged to God himself. These were the ones charged with maintaining the religious purity of the people. The Levites always and forever were to point people to their holy God. 

We cannot be a disciple of Jesus Christ on our own. We are built for community. We are built to live under the mentorship of people who take what has been passed down to them and who pass that down to us. We, then, pass it down to others (2 Timothy 2:1-2). 

Don’t be complacent in your discipleship walk. Find people with more spiritual maturity than yourself and spend time with them. Watch how they live their lives and how they handle adversity. Listen to their wisdom. 

But make sure they are pointing you always to Jesus Christ, rather than some vague notion of “God.” Too many people fall for the trap that all spirituality is the same. It is not. The Levites certainly knew this (Exodus 32:25-29).


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